Class of 2017: Not Woke Yet? It's Time to Adult Now, Starting with LinkedIn Profile
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Congratulations graduate! After four years of new found independence, sleeping in, hitting the books hard non-stop both day and night, and routine partying is now officially over. Now it's time to show the world a different angle with your first LinkedIn profile.

Why should college graduates have a LinkedIn Profile?

  1. Approximately 300 million people worldwide use LinkedIn.
  2. It's the first professional impression the world has of you. Even if you're still new to your career, don't hesitate to actively use this platform as your online resume. 
  3. It charts your education, career history, accomplishments, and interests.
  4. One of the best networking tools to meet like-minded professional in and outside your field of study.
  5.  Like any other profile, it's a searchable engine people use to discover your background. 

BONUS: Personally, it's opened a lot of professional doors and opportunities that I would read faster than email. 

Alright. I will give you a few weeks to recover and find yourself before you get your hustle on.  I will be starting studio sessions for graduates who live or plan to move to the Washington, DC Metro Area (aka DMV). This is an exciting time in your life and, if no one warned you, first impressions go a long way and can't be erased either.

Let me set the scene. Online profiles tell your story. Let me help you tell that story using a subtle, fresh, professional perspective. I take pride in connecting with my clients behind the camera. I look forward to help you make that transition. 

NIBA Recommendations:

  1. LinkedIn Studio Sessions are 30 minutes per person.
  2. Signup and receive promo code for your studio session. When groups of five people or more sign up, they will receive an additional 10%  discount.
  3. Invest in your first impression. I highly recommended you get your hair, makeup, and nails done prior to photo shoot. 
  4. Live outside Washington, DC? I am available for photoshoots outside the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area and travel worldwide. 

Time to get your hustle on. 

Over and out.