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Welcome to the NIBA Photography. My name is Nina Babel. Nina Babel Photography. I am Fashion and Lifestyle Photographer.

I shoot with a SONY A7Riii. I don't like posey posey either. I would describe my style as clean, candid, and edgy in an unsuspecting manner. Book an appointment here.

About Me

Hi, I am Nina!

I am an award-winning and published portrait, editorial, and fashion photographer based in Washington, DC. I shoot fashion, runway, engagements, video, weddings, portraits, and commercial work.

I treat every client as a unique personal project. I want to get to know you personally. We plan and execute our sessions together, starting from day one.

Trusting my eyes means my clients allow me to tell your visual story through the use of natural light, colors, me knowing how to see natural light, and where to find it.  

My job is to be your biggest cheerleader behind the camera. As a photographer, my gift is not only for you to trust my eyes but anticipate a vision before my clients do. I am passionate, goal oriented, and look forward to working together. 


I work with men and women of all ages and stages of their life or career. Working with me is going to be big and we're going to take it to the next level with my eye and passion for discovering what you're thinking, but not saying out loud.

I've also been a creative all my life, but I decided to pursue a brick and mortar life first, then the world of entrepreneurship. Today, following my passion carries more weight than it ever did before in my life, which has rightfully led me right back to my creative side.

Published Accomplishments:

2017 2nd and 3rd place winner of Femme Fatale DC Photo Contest. 



Nina Babel is a fashion and runway photographer with a clientele of online entrepreneurs, travelers, and fashion trendsetters with photography portfolio needs. Visit my fashion photography portfolio by clicking here.



Business Branding is for Entrepreneurs        I cater to those who have an online social media presence or need a social media portfolio. Book an appointment here.

New York Fashion Week. I specialize in runway, backstage, behind the scenes, and pit photography. Men's and Women's Spring Collections. See NYFW Runway Portfolio by clicking here.

Editorial Work. See my recent images by clicking here.

Airbnb Experiences. I have been selected by Airbnb to host DC Photography Experiences. Visit Airbnb Page for Airbnb Experience listings. See 2019 Travel Portfolio by clicking here.


For hairstylists or stylists, who need NYFW, a hair event, training, hairstyle shots, or celebrity pictures captured.

Makeup Artists who need their creative juices captured on camera for NYFW, private high-end clients, or to build their portfolio with before and after makeup application shots.

Stylists who need their designs captured on camera for NYFW, private high-end clients, build their portfolio with before and after makeover or fashion looks.

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All estimates and 1:1 consultations are free.







Our planning sessions, look book preparation, poses, and wardrobe planning will set the stage for photo shoot day.  

On the personal side, what sets me apart is I make you feel comfortable. I connect with my subjects and already have a playbook in my head. Music is just one of the ways I get you to reveal your inner soul on camera.

On the business side, I relate to what it's like being a female entrepreneur, your online branding, social media, or lifestyle needs.

Look book Preparation

We both use a vision board to generate a look book of poses, styles, and wardrobe options. This way, I get to know what you are looking for way in advance. Being this prepared enables both of us to take full advantage of every minute of studio time without any second guessing. 


Photoshoot Day

Your image will slay. I will bring out a side of you that was too shy, nervy, or embarrassed. On photoshoot day, you will discover new things about yourself that you never realized before like your best side.


Behind the scenes or video footage can be made available as a la carte service. 

Post Production

Clients select their favorite photos and videos for retouching. Select packages are available or client can choose from a la carte services.









What my work looks like. VIEW THE FULL NIBA COLLECTION HERE.

Cole Stevens Salon.JPG
I always remind my clients to smile. It’s their weapon of mass destruction in front of the camera
— Nina Babel, Founder of NIBA Photography
A good photograph is knowing where to stand
— Angel Adams
— Nina Babel, Founder of NIBA Photography
I love when my clients connect with my vision. You will know your best side by the end of our session.
— Nina Babel, NIBA Photography
Your energy in your pictures introduces you before you ever speak. Pictures represent 1000 words.
— Nina Babel

Editorial Shoot - South Africa



I was so nervous before starting taking my picture. I had so much fun halfway through the photoshoot. Nina made me feel comfortable and let go.
— Beautiful lang - singer
People now see a side of me in my pictures I don’t show every day. This is my personality.
I didn’t want my photos retouched. They are perfect and I don’t need it.
— fifi durante, hairstylist and wella expert
You exceeded my expectations. Next project ribbon cutting ceremony.
— - Cole Stevens Salon
I didn’t know what my best side was until today.
You did an amazing job
— Genesis Valleon, Blogger
Nina’s creative instinct and intuitive sense of what what most needed was crucial to my website development. Her technical knowledge about how to manipulate the website platform to suit my purposes made the design process go more quickly and smoother than I ever could have imagined. Nina’s genuine enthusiasm for the brand I am building made working with her a delight. Thanks Nina!
— - Yvonne-Abbott-Lewis, CEO of Juniper Sweet Treats
You are an amazing artist
— Meredith Hurston
Your video made them cry at the audition. They were so touched on how we put together our story.
— - Female Entrepreneur



To get started, I treat every shoot like a project. That means WE plan. We meet face-to-face or via online video conference to discuss your goals and vision for photos, then make it happen. 



About Me


It all started with my traveling around the world. I always loved photography whether I was in front or behind camera. I see things before they happen. I envision the shots before they happen. Lastly, we make it happen.

Pursuing my passions is one of my mantras. It was just a matter of time before I made photography one of them.  

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